Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick & Easy Black Bean Tacos

The Chef: Colleen and Taqueria Cancun

The Menu: My favorite local vegan tacos—soft corn tortillas filled with with black beans, seasoned rice, chopped onion, cilantro, and large slices of avocado—plus a young coconut water from the coconut truck guy

The Goods: Some days, I can barely last until lunch because I'm so hungry. Today was one of those days, and, having not packed a lunch, I ventured out to my favorite taqueria for a basket of tacos. And, as always, they were both delicious and filling. I also visited the nearby coconut truck guy, who sold me a young coconut for $3 and then proceeded to hack up the fruit into small snack-size pieces after I finished slurping the water. A lovely lunch indeed, especially on this gorgeous San Francisco day. Unfortunately, I missed sitting out on the VegNews deck with my colleagues, who were getting ample Vitamin D from the very ample sunshine. What I could really go for right now is some homemade banana ice cream, which Editorial Assistant Anna Peraino chats about over on our Savvy Vegan blog this week. Since we're also putting the final touches on our July+August edition, summer is definitely on our mind—inside you'll find stories on vegan budget living, animal sanctuary road trips, and an all-vegan ice cream truck you have to see to believe. Let the countdown begin!

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