Friday, May 13, 2011

Baked Yukon Gold with Guac & Greens

The Chefs: Colleen

The Menu: Baked Yukon Gold potato with organic coconut spread, avocado, and green onions—with a side marinated kale salad and sliced English cucumber

The Goods: In my Savvy Vegan blog post last month, I touted baked potatoes with toppings as a great mid-day meal. Since we have a convection oven here at the VNHQ, it's easy to pop in a potato an hour before lunch and then load it up when I'm ready to eat. Years ago, once I first tried baked Yukon Golds, Russets were history. Yukons bake up creamy and smooth, and are perfect with Earth Balance's new organic coconut spread and mashed avocado. Add some fresh kale, and it was a wonderful, healthy lunch. If decidedly not healthy (but gorgeous!) vegan wedding cakes are more your thing, check out our brand-new story on all about 10 incredible vegan weddings. Our couples are creative, compassionate, and inspiring—and their stories are incredibly moving. Enjoy! P.S. For the first time ever, we missed a Café VegNews post for yesterday's lunch. Our blog host, Blogger, was down all afternoon and it just wasn't going to happen. Apologies from all!

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