Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Falafel and Green Juice

The Chef: Jennifer

The Menu: Sunshine falafel burger, Annie's Natural Goddess dressing, and spinach in a whole-wheat pita. A glass of green juice with spinach, romaine, kale, celery, lemon, and apple.

The Goods: Last night, I had the meal of my life. Millennium's Southern Comfort dinner, which is a food feast of fried pickles, buttermilk fried "chicken" sandwiches, jalapeño cornbread, and wait for it—an ice cream sandwich bar. For all the pics and full menu, check out VN Office Manager's Lyndsay Orwig's detailed account on Press Pass of the debauchery and ensuing food coma. So today, I juiced. Carrot juice for breakfast and green juice for lunch. I'm hoping this evens out the ice cream sandwich I made topped with caramel, Rice Mellow, and brownies. It totally evens out, right? Good. I recently bought a Breville juicer so I'm tossing all my fresh fruits and veggies in there to see what I come up with. Can you believe I used to shy away from green juice? Now it's my best friend. Thanks, Kris Carr!

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