Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celery Soup and Spinach Salad

The Chefs: Hilary, Whole Foods Market, and Gracias Madre

The Menu: Cream of celery soup, with a side of spinach salad studded with red onions, walnuts and crispy shiitake mushrooms. 

The Goods: As we trudged through the final trenches of the editing process for our mind-blowingly, brain-meltingly, hair-fryingly, skull-pulverizingly cool March+April Issue, wacky California's indecisive late-morning sun emerged, then hid, then winked from beneath a sky-wide pallor of wispy clouds. Unsatisfied with my initial feast of spinach salad, I had no choice but to seek warming soup from cashew-cheese quesadilla palace extraordinaire Gracias Madre. While filling, my lunch was still light enough to not interfere with this evening's inaugural SF Vegan Drinks event at its brand-new location, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, a boozy top-shelf pub a mere half-block from our headquarters. Beer-battered fried pickles, sweet potato tater tots, my heart is aflutter in anticipation of our union after dusk falls. 


Kate said...

I'm really looking for veg. friendly you guys ever post the RECIPES for any of the dishes you feature?

VegNews Magazine said...

Hi Kate:

Thanks for reading Café VegNews. Most of the lunches we post are meals we pick up in our wonderful veg-friendly neighborhood. When we do bring in lunches that are we've made that are recipe-based, we usually try to link it such as this post (

If you're looking for great veg-friendly recipes, check out our website, At the top right of the page, you can search for any recipes you want on our site and our What's Cooking section always features a different recipe every week. You can also sign up for our weekly Recipe Club newsletter on our site as well.

Happy cooking!