Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Giant Sushi Buritto Roll

The Chefs: Jennifer and Sushiritto

The Menu: A sushi/burrito roll filled with Hodo Soy Spicy Tofu Strips, roasted garnet yams, shiitake mushrooms, shaved cabbage, avocado, green onions, crumbled rice chips

The Goods: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best fusion meal I've ever eaten—sushi and a burrito rolled into one delicious (and massive) bite! Sushiritto is the home of these giant rolls and while the location is not close to VNHQ, I happened to be visiting the Mother Jones office today, which is near this famed eatery, known for its incredibly long line of customers. Sushiritto offers one vegan roll, the Buddha Girl Roll, and it's packed with all sorts of goodies, specifically local artisan tofu maker Hodo Soy's Spicy Tofu Strips. If you want to make your own rolls at home, try VN columnist Robin Robertson's spring rolls, a less massive alternative to a sushi-burrito combo.

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