Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vegan Pizza Day @ VegNews

The Chef: Colleen

The Menu: A cornmeal-crusted pizza covered with Daiya's new Pepperjack Style Shreds, fresh spinach, black olives, and garlic—accompanied by a trio of salads from local vegan eatery Herbivore (marinated kale salad with faux chicken, organic green salad with avocado, and spinach salad with walnuts in a hemp dressing).

The Goods: When the shipment of Daiya's brand-new cheese arrived to the VNHQ last week, we immediately started planning how to best devour the cheese maker's latest flavor. Today, I brought in a couple of Vicolo's cornmeal crusts (also available in a gluten-free version), piled on the Pepperjack and toppings, and baked up these two pies. At 12:30pm, when the entire office smelled of toasted pizza dough, gooey cheese, and roasted garlic, staffers lined up to fill their plates with this taste test-turned-lunch. Of course, it's our job to try every new vegan product on the market, so it's our duty to devour homemade vegan pizza. The verdict? We're in love. This new flavor is both spicy and smooth, and would taste great on your favorite Mexican dish (we'll also be whipping up a batch of quesadillas later in the week). And to end any vegan meal, how about a bite of one of Sjaak's new candy bars? We're giving away a set of them here, so don't miss your chance to win!

The two pizza pies, just before baking.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you guys didn't hear about Pizza Week 2011, happening right NOW. Delicious pizza, every day, all week. The event is posted on facebook.