Monday, March 28, 2011

Vegan Quesadillas and Savvy Salad

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: One of my signature savvy salads (in this case does "savvy" mean "leftover"? Why yes it does!), consisting of kale, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, grated beets, tomatoes, chopped hearts of palm, and fresh basil, all topped with Follow Your Heart's new Vegan Ranch Dressing. (The ranch, along with a Caesar and White Balsamic Dijon dressing, debuted at Expo West, and we can't wait until they are all available in stores!) Oh, and on the non-salad side of the plate, I had two delicious pepperjack quesadillas, courtesy of Daiya.

The Goods: Basically, I think you can pretty much eat anything in the world on the non-salad side of the plate, so long as the salad side of the plate exists. Quesadillas? Don't freaking mind if I do! Speaking of things I wouldn't mind, we are currently giving away a Matt & Nat bag over on I mean, holy crap! If only I were elibgle to win, le sigh. Good thing Elizabeth Pastoria and her good friend Elizabeth Hastoria are entered! (OK, just kidding, but not at all kidding about the fact that you should enter to win said sweet bag!)

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