Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegetable Curry and Salad

The Chef: Anna

The Menu: A spinach salad topped with carrot, sweet potato, and tomato; a delicious vegetable curry chock full of potatoes, cauliflower, tomato, broccoli, onion, eggplant, and green peas; and a smattering of brown rice

The Goods: Often when I look through cookbooks, I look for two things: 1. No animal products. 2. Four steps or fewer. Call me lazy, but what can I say? I like to keep things simple most of the time. This delicious veggie curry was a cinch to make (Cut vegetables. Put vegetables and spices in pot. Turn on burner.), and will last me all week long. Want some more one-pot meal ideas (along with casseroles, stews, and pasta dishes) that will get you through the week? Check out our new featurette, Cook Once all Week. Cooking at home: Pittance. Clicking the "Snooze" button two more times each morning: Priceless.


general blog said...
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Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Very Cool that you have the "Cook once a week" thing since so many peeps think that having to cook at all is a major burden in their lives!