Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vegan South Indian Food

The Chef: Alexandra and Udupi Palace

The Menu: A mixed vegetable uthappam (rice and lentil pancake) with chutney and three amazing dipping sauces.

The Goods: We're back from Expo West 2011, and though it was hugely successful and bigger than I ever imagined, it's great to be back in foggy San Francisco. After spending a weekend munching on snack bars, chocolate, ice cream, mini quesadillas, pizzas, and burgers, I wanted one nice hearty meal to enjoy. Office Manager Lyndsay and I walked over to Udupi Palace, one of my favorite Indian restaurants in the city. The servings are huge, the service is super friendly, and there's nothing quite like a restaurant that makes you feel like it's night when it's day (hence the dimly-lit photo). Now it's time to go through all the amazing new products we scoped out this weekend! Jealous that we scored so much? Then enter in this week's giveaway to win something for yourself—a $100 shopping spree at MooShoes.


Anonymous said...

You can always count on Indian food for a great vegan meal! Yum!


India-leigh said...

oh my God, these guys are the best! hubba hubba!

Anonymous said...

don't most Indian restaurants use ghee in their recipes?