Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mediterranean Cravings

The Chef: Brooke and Ali Baba's Cave

The Menu: A Maza Combination Plate of baba ghanouge, dolma, falafel, and warm pita bread

The Goods: For some, "comfort food" equates to suburban classics such as mashed potatoes or PB&J. For me, comfort food is a heaping pile of baba ghanouge and grape leaves. Growing up, these Lebanese classics were staples to every celebration, and now that I'm far away from my mother's and aunts' kitchens, I every now and then crave something distinctly Mediterranean. Ali Baba's Cave hit the spot with Dolma (stuffed grape leaves), baba ghanouge (eggplant dip), falafel (friend garbanzo beans), and fluffy pita bread. Makes me feel right at home in the Mission!

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Anonymous said...

I thought baba ganosh wasn't typically vegan?!?