Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kale Pasta

The Chef: Chas

The Menu: A super garlicky (read: super delicious) pasta with kale and beans. Yep, those were pretty much all of the ingredients in today's hearty, yummy main course. We also enjoyed a huge salad with green olives, grated carrots, garbanzo beans, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and a fantastic homemade salad dressing. Are those fresh strawberries you see on the side? Indeed they are.

The Goods: You might have noticed that our chef today isn't someone from our regular lineup. No, we didn't hire a new staffer, but we might if Chas keeps cooking up lunches like this one! He's a friend of Joseph's and has kindly agreed to cook for us while he's in town. To that we say, well, fine!

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supertrekkie said...

I would love to see more "recipes" of the food that you post. At least post the ingredients so we can try to recreate the dish.