Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cookbook Week: VegNews Magazine

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: Super-dark brown bread, sweet and syrupy baked beans, vibrant cilantro- and lime-flavored rice, and savory roasted root-vegetable enchiladas drizzled with rich chipotle cashew cream. Maybe this all sounds like a hodgepodge, but there's a good reason, we swear!

The Goods: Okay, you caught us. VegNews Magazine is not technically a cookbook. But! It does contain recipes, and since those recipes need to be tested before they are deemed suitable for print, we figured maybe no one would mind getting a sneak preview of a couple dishes from our November+December lineup. That's right—come late October when the winter issue hits the stands, you too will get to try out these cold-weather goodies. The results of the testing today were unanimous: pleased palates and full bellies! If you want to spend the next couple months dreaming of those enchiladas, you'd be right to do so.


Amey said...

That looks like such a delicious meal. I'm always so pleased with myself when I make more than one item for dinner... it feels so fancy. mmmmm. I'll have to find an excuse to drop by at lunch time!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Looks good to me!