Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hot (Not) Dogs

The Chef: Lisa

The Menu: A lightning-fast preparation of veggie dogs, toasted buns, and plenty of fixin's. Lisa busted out a lovely mustard-garlic aioli, then we topped our dogs with two flavors of Gold Mine Sauerkraut, and helped ourselves to various pickled goodies, including giardiniera, cured olives, and dilly beans from McSweet Pickled Gourmet. A light spinach salad tossed in a vinaigrette completed the plate, and we're pretty sure that there was enough vinegar in the meal to preserve us all for years to come.

The Goods: We spent the majority of this morning hashing out the 2009 editorial calendar, which can be quite the involved process. There are now so many good ideas on the table, and it will be exciting to get started putting together a whole year's worth of new, fantastic issues. All this planning, however, didn't leave much time for lunch prep, so we were happy to have some nearly ready-to-go options.


Animal Place said...

Mustard-garlic aioli - yum!

Queenie said...

I just tried veg dogs for the first time about a week ago. They were yummy. Thanks for the recipes. They look delicious.