Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fog City Eggplant

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: Here's a huge shock: Elizabeth made a marinara. She officially swears this is the last time she'll make the same old sauce—at least for this month. But! Today, underneath the sauce was an unfamiliar and delicious oven-roasted, cornflake-crusted eggplant, which added a new element. A filling salad of baby greens, white beans, cherry tomatoes, and avocado went really well with toasted focaccia. You know what else goes really well with focaccia? Dr. Cow cashew and macadamia nut cheeses. Holy heck, we just can't get enough of these yummy, tangy cheeses!

The Goods: Today we thoroughly enjoyed the company of Ellen Anderson, aka the Fog City Vegan. We got to chat all about her upcoming vegan wedding, and how a certain other notable Ellen scooped some of her wedding plans! Thankfully, the city cast off its foggy shroud today, and we enjoyed some real, actual sunshine for once. Just having Ellen here would have been treat enough, but combined with the stellar weather, today's lunch was one for the record books.

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