Monday, August 4, 2008

Cookbook Week: Vegan Express

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: That's right, we actually followed a recipe! All this week on Café VegNews we'll be making meals from actual cookbooks, just for something new and different. To kick this week off, Ms. Jenny made the very delicious Singapore-style Yellow Curry Rice Noodles with Tofu from Nava Atlas' Vegan Express. These lovely noodles were tossed with shaved carrots, cubed tofu, and chopped red pepper, and served with a fresh salad featuring multi-colored swiss chard, tofu, and lemon slices.

The Goods: We're all about trying new things this week, as well as busting out some of our tried-and-true cookbook favorites. Although Jenny hadn't made anything out of Vegan Express before today, she was impressed with the vibrant photos and the fact that the dessert recipes seemed doable even for a non-baker like herself. In case you haven't seen it yet, there's a full review of Vegan Express in our July+August Music Issue. Continuing the just-in-case theme, make sure to cast your vote in our 2008 Veggie Awards survey! And, finally, there are still four days to make a claim on the July Café VegNews giveaway—don't forget to leave a comment, lest someone else make off with your haggis.


Katie said...

Yum! Great photo. That looks delicious :)

Nikki Douglas said...

I love this cookbook - just got it a while ago and t is terrific. That meal looks sensational.