Friday, August 8, 2008

Cookbook Week: The Recap

The Chef: Everyone!

The Menu: Today we dined on the lovely leftovers from Cookbook Week. Starting from six o'clock and moving clockwise, you see a reincarnation of Aurelia's amazing chickpea socca, a messy-yet-yummy enchilada, then some of the molasses-drenched baked beans, and finally, a little salad of romaine, chopped carrots, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans.

The Goods: This week has certainly been an experience in delicious eats for us here at the VNHQ. All of the cookbooks, even that one that is really a magazine, provided highly reliable recipes and decidedly satisfying lunches. Don't forget, today's your last day to enter our monthly giveaway. What do you think? Should we make Cookbook Week a more regular feature?


Anonymous said...

I personally loved cookbook week - it helped me to make some cookbook buying decisions as well as to see some recipes form a couple I already had.

aTxVegn said...

Yes! Cookbook week is a great feature!