Friday, June 3, 2011

VN Mac 'n' Cheese, Salad, & Bananagrams

The Chef: Jennifer

The Menu: The VegNews signature mac 'n' cheese, an apple, and a salad with cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, carrots, and spinach.

The Goods: It shouldn't be too surprising that a bunch of editors like nerdy word games like Bananagrams. On this gray Friday, I brought in my beloved Scrabble-esque game to play over lunch. I shared my mac 'n' cheese leftovers with VN Managing Editor Elizabeth Castoria in exchange for this gorgeous salad and apple. A great trade, if you ask me, because those cherry tomatoes tasted like candy. If you haven't played Bananagrams, it's all about creating as many words as quickly as possible. I'm not gonna lie. It got a little intense. VN Editorial Assistant Anna Peraino even yelled, "All I have are consonants!" That's what happens when you put three editors and a bunch of letter tiles in a room. Need even more games in your life? Check out our article on Veg-Friendly Video Games. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

That DOES sound intense.

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judee said...

I handle PR for Bananagrams, and we love this!! No consonants - looks like someone needs vowel movement (0:

Keep Peeling!

Krista said...

Vegan Mac n Cheese and word games. That sounds like the perfect day!