Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vegan Pizza Buffet

The Chef: Colleen and Patxi's Chicago Pizza

The Menu: Chicago deep-dish style pizza with spinach, fresh garlic, olives, and Daiya cheese from Patxi's, along with a thin-crusted pizza with olives and Daiya, a Greek salad, and a spinach salad

The Goods: We are officially in love with Patxi's Chicago Pizza. None of us may be from Chicago, but this is the best deep-dish vegan pizza we've ever had. And they're in San Francisco. And they deliver. And they kindly offered to cater our lunch today. At 12:30 on the dot, two huge pizzas arrived, both covered in vegan cheese on a super thick crust with a delicious homemade sauce and fresh toppings. VegWebMistress Laura was in the office today to help celebrate our two-year anniversary with VegWeb (congratulations, Laura!), and we're all coming off of a cake-Champagne-karaoke high from Managing Editor Elizabeth's birthday yesterday. With lots of reasons to celebrate, we're not complaining. Thank you, Patxi's! P.S. And heads up! In our summer issue, which ships June 15, Allison Rivers Samson veganizes deep-dish pizza in her food column, and it's amazing. 

Our lunchtime spread from Patxi's Chicago Pizza

A closer look at the too-good-for-words deep-dish vegan pizza


Anonymous said...

You spelled Patxi's wrong six times in this post. I'm sure they like the free press, but spelling the business name correctly might be a good start!

VegNews Magazine said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the heads up! We fixed the errors here. Our editors must have been in pizza-induced comas!

Anayah said...

I am from Chicago and sorely miss deep dish pizza since returning to a vegan diet. Wish they were in NYC or even Chichi for that matter. :(

Rock Kitaro said...

Very nice!!! Lovely photos!!!

Demetrius said...

VegNews, this is SO close to what I grew up on – needs a tad more salt, spices, and 'roughness' to be exact. Stellar work that needs to be Worldwide.

Yes, Anayah, it's wonderful work. They made me cry remembering what it was to grow up with Giordano's, Edwardo's, and the infamous Gino's East. Another tool to sway omnivores to the green and compassionate side of the menu.