Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vegan Pizza

The Chef: Jennifer

The Menu: Vegan pizza with spinach, tomato, and Daiya pepperjack cheese.

The Goods: I recently moved to Berkeley, which is a vegan haven, and VN Editorial Assistant Alexandra Chang (a University of California Berkeley graduate) told me to head to Berkeley Bowl for its large produce section. She was not kidding. I felt like a kid in a veggie candy store. I might have bought my weight in kale and giant Fuji apples. So when I was running out the door this morning, I hadn't packed a lunch but I grabbed a tomato and some baby spinach. When I got to the office, I decided to make the VN staff vegan pizzas topped with fresh tomato, spinach, and Daiya pepperjack. We sat outside, enjoying the beautiful San Francisco weather. Instant mood booster, indeed.


nicklovin said...

I would have been perfectly happy with these pictures in your magazine instead of that filth you passed off as vegan food.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!I have no faith or trust for veg news.

Dondi the Vegan Wondergirl said...

I'm in total agreement to the sentiment. Its so sad to think you were catering to the meat eating masses by trying to make vegan food look "more appealing". Vegan food looks freakin' awesome! Real pictures of real Vegan food is 100% more likely to sway me to try new recipes. I'm a real person, I want real "VEG NEWS"!

Anonymous said...

Why try to tear down one of the so few successful vegan outlets for ourselves and others over this?

My wife is involved in PR and knows this is an extremely common practice by several magazine companies. I can imagine there are few resources for magazine-quality pics of all their vegan recipes posted.

I agree I’ll have my doubts now whenever looking at their photos for now on, and hopefully as a result of all this they will make an extra effort to change their practices. But to demonize VegNews or feel betrayed by them seems like a stretch considering all the good they have done for the vegan community. This is the only veg magazine I can recall seeing in any typical bookstore, imagine the damage that would be done to a budding vegan culture after we are done tearing VegNews apart.

I wish people got this worked up over things that actually pertained to the suffering of animals, not the opposite!

Anonymous said...

Interesting - VegNews *does* know how to take a decent picture of food.

So, how is taking your own pictures more expensive than alienating your readers and causing a serious drop in subscriptions?

Just curious, VegNews.

PS I'm calling today to cancel - you can all go eat shit.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is this really vegan or is it just "VegNews 'vegan'"?

Because according to your statements, quality photos of vegan food are very hard to find.

Poochie said...

I thought you'd be eating your words. Or maybe crow, since, you know, we don't see a lot of vegan food around these parts.

I don't want to give up on you but more than 24 hours for a good apology and strategy to move forward is going to result in even more ill-will and many subscription cancellations. I have better veg blogs I can spend my time on.