Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vegan Tomato Soup and Caesar Salad

The Chef: Elizabeth and Gracias Madre

The Menu: A fantastically delicious cream of tomato soup, topped with cashew cream, roasted pumpkin seeds, and chopped cilantro, accompanied by a perfectly pert Caesar salad of romaine, Caesar dressing, avocado, and more pumpkin seeds!

The Goods: You all know how we feel about Gracias Madre. When you go back to a single restaurant so frequently, it would seem easy to get sick of the offerings there. Does that ever happen at Gracias? Heck no. The daily soup special is my secret weapon against lunchtime repetition, as it's always rich, usually cashew-cream based, and switched up daily. The tomato is probably my favorite, which meant that I was a very lucky gal today. Little-known fact? I freaking love pumpkin seeds! And they were in both dishes! Huzzah! I also had the good fortune of dining with our High-Tech Chef columnist, Jesse Miner. There's definitely nothing better than delicious food paired with great company.

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