Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank God for Herbivore

The Chef: Colleen and Herbivore Restaurant

The Menu: A faux chicken sandwich on toasted focaccia bread with vegan mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles—plus a chocolate bar from Chocolate Decadence as a sweet ending to the meal

The Goods: This sandwich has been calling my name from the fridge all week long—it was boxed-up leftovers from lunch at Herbivore last week—and today I enjoyed every last bite of it. We know we're lucky that one of the go-to vegan restaurants in SF is right around the corner, and I was reminded of that today. We're very grateful for our new office in our new location, after many years of being sequestered in a much quieter part of the city where very little vegan food exists. And that lovely chocolate bar you see? That was a gift from VN Associate Editor, Jennifer Chen, who always seems to be passing out chocolate and gifts. Thank you, Jenn. And our wonderful volunteer extraordinaire, Frankie, dropped by on Monday with some homemade treats for the staff—plus Meyer lemons and sprigs of fresh rosemary (see photo) that she grew herself. Happy Wednesday!

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