Monday, July 27, 2009

Veggie Burgers and Vegenaise

The Chefs: Joseph, Frankie, and Kassie

The Menu: A picnic! Yes, we totally indulged in the world's most Vegenaise-laden picnic ever today. Not only did we enjoy some super yummy veggie hot dogs and burgers, we also had two salads (macaroni and potato) that were primarily comprised of Vegenaise. With tons of vegetable-type toppings, and even some edible flowers thanks to Frankie, we managed to add some non-'naise to the meal.

The Goods: Why a picnic when the current weather conditions are low 60's and overcast, you ask? Because our good friends over at Vegan Outreach sponsored Team Vegan—a group of super-awesome runners who competed in both half and full marathons over the weekend. Was one of those runners our own Joseph Connelly? Yes. Was there some leftover food from the post-run celebration? Yes. Does Joseph Connelly + leftover food = catered lunch for the VN staff? Indeed it does! Frankie and Kassie helped Joseph get everything ready, which was no small feat considering the often-ravenous nature of our staff. Here are the three chefs, the bounty of their toils before them.

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