Monday, July 13, 2009

Really Good Ribs

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: A meal befitting of the utterly gorgeous day we're currently enjoying here in San Francisco. OK, does that actually tell you what we ate? No. Does it tell you that the food must have been extra-awesome since we likened it to the pristine weather? Yes! So, for the actual food, Lyndsay whipped up some Morningstar Farms Riblets, which she then drenched in Frankie's barbecue sauce. Garlic fries, served with garlic aioli, and a multicolor salad with yellow tomatoes, green olives, and red onion completed the tasty plate.

The Goods: The mercury is currently sitting just above 80 degrees, which means that we are delirious with joy. It's also a happy day here at the VNHQ since the whole team is back in the office. We're enjoying having everyone here for the next couple of days before the majority of the office heads down to Los Angeles this weekend for AR 2009!

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