Friday, July 24, 2009

Bangin' Brunch

The Chef: Abby

The Menu: A scrumptious and healthy brunch assortment. Alongside tofu baked in Maya Kaimal's Vindaloo Coconut & Chile sauce, Abby whipped up perfectly roasted onion and garlic potatoes. No brunch is complete without a lil' something sweet, so kicked-up kamut pancakes drizzled with syrup made for a healthy dose of both sugar and grains. To cleanse the palate, a clean Swiss-chard salad topped with raw corn and cherry tomatoes did the trick.

The Goods: The mood is a bit lighter here at the VNHQ, as we're still reeling from wrapping up the September+October Big Food Issue! Oh yeah, and it happens to be Friday. Lunch was full of delicious food and tons of laughter, but it just isn't the same without Elizabeth around, who jetted off to DC for TAFA this morning. We wish her safe travels, and everyone a fabulous weekend!

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VegTomato said...

Hi, I am from Taiwan and I am running a website devoted to advocate vegetarianism/veganism,which is a non-profit website and all of us are volunteers. May I have your permission to translate the recipes posted in your blog for our poeople to learn as their daily menu? I will link back and credit it to you.