Thursday, April 2, 2009

Millet Mania

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: A lovely combination of soup, salad, and toasted bread smothered in Parma. Do we like three-course lunches? Yes, indeed we do. The grain in today's salad was millet, which Aurelia mixed with kidney beans, chopped red onions, diced carrots, raisins, and baby spinach, onto which we all dumped slightly embarrassing amounts of Parma. Yes, we pretty much do that with everything that comes across our plates. The soup was a blend of potatoes, onions, and green chiles, which combined for a warm, flavorful effect. Multigrain bread, which we're pretty sure also contained millet, got toasted and topped with Parma, then heartily devoured.

The Goods: Today we got not only to eat a delicious lunch, but also to enjoy it with the company of a special guest. Our editorial assistant, Stacy, invited her twin sister to join us today, and it was a treat to get to host Kelly, who's recently moved to SF. Yes, you get extra points if you can tell which lovely lady below is Stacy and which one is Kelly. (Here's a hint: you can find photos of Stacy on Press Pass and on

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