Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kale Salad and Lentil Soup

The Chef:
Alexandra and Jeff (the boyfriend)

The Menu: A giant Marinated Kale Salad with Parma! sprinkled all over and a bowl of hearty lentil soup.

The Goods: With it raining so much in San Francisco I was very happy to stay indoors today with a home-cooked meal. I brought a huge kale salad that I let marinate overnight and then some, leading to the perfect texture (none of that toughness kale can have, and since it's so thick, no sogginess either). As per Managing Editor Elizabeth's advice, I also sprinkled a generous amount of Parma! all over the leafy goodness. Along with the salad I had a bowl of lentil soup—full of brown lentils, carrots, celery, onion—that Jeff made last night. Though he usually adds chicken to the recipe, he thoughtfully left it out so I could enjoy the soup as well (I personally think it's much better without!). If you're in the mood for making your own giant salad on the cheap, check out Elizabeth's Savvy Vegan post for some handy tips. Or if you're in the mood for puppies, take a look at the VNHQ dog mania going on right now!

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