Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegan Burger & Mashed Sweet Potatoes

The Chef: Jennifer, Candle Cafe

The Menu: Tofu veggie burger on a wheat bun with vegan cheese, mashed sweet potatoes

The Goods: Whenever I get homesick for New York City, I cook from the Candle Cafe cookbook to make me feel like I'm back on the East Coast. The mashed sweet potatoes is a simple recipe from the cookbook that is deliciously filling and healthy. The best part of the recipe is that most of it involves just baking the sweet potatoes. The tofu veggie burger is from Trader Joe's, and while I usually love this burger on top of a bed of brown rice, it tasted just as yummy on a whole-wheat bun with a slice of vegan rice cheddar cheese. If you don't have the Candle Cafe cookbook, here's a nice Candied Sweet Potatoes recipe that is similar. Though after reading through all the delicious wedding menus from our upcoming May+June 2011 wedding issue, I really just wanted a slice of vegan wedding cake.

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foodfeud said...

I guess you're just going to have to get married!