Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pesto Pasta, Perfect Potatoes

The Chef: Liz

The Menu: A hearty helping of rich, silky, gluten-free Avocado Pesto Pasta paired with roasted potatoes perfectly seasoned with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. Liz rounded out this lunch of champions with a bright green kale salad filled with diced tomatoes and sliced mushroom.

The Goods: It's a pretty exciting day here at the VNHQ. After a relaxing, long holiday weekend—happy belated birthday, America—we're thrilled to get back in the swing of things and welcome Brooke, our new editorial assistant, on her first day at the office! To celebrate Brooke's arrival, we prepared a lunch featuring our favorite food groups: kale and carbs. Okay, maybe that's playing a little fast and loose with the vegan food pyramid, but something about "greens and grains" just doesn't sound as mouthwatering.

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