Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breakfast Plus Salad

The Chef: Brooke

The Menu: Rich, hearty vegan Ham & Cheese Breakfast Turnovers courtesy of Veggie Brothers served alongside with crispy, meat-free breakfast sausage a la Harmony Valley Foods. Brooke balanced our breakfast-for-lunch meal with a refreshing simple green salad of romaine and garbanzo beans.

The Goods: Today marked Ms. Brooke's first turn in the VN kitchen, and lets just say that our happy and sufficiently satiated staff isn't complaining about it. We're pretty big fans of breakfast foods no matter the time of day, and we were particularly enthralled by Veggie Brothers' vegan take on ham and cheese turnovers. These buttery bites are reminiscent of another popular turnover product famous for its microwavable breakfast and lunch pastries, except without all the animal products and terrible commercials.

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