Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vegan Crêpes!

The Chef: Sara

The Menu
: Um, maybe it's crêpes. Maybe Sara is a sneaky chef and prepared the batter last night, so she'd be all prepped and ready to make today's totally stellar lunch. She filled one of these whole-wheat wonders with a mashed sweet-potato and caramelized-onion mixture, and the other with roasted broccoli, cashew gravy, and Daiya. Hell yes. And, sure, there's also a big, beautiful salad, but we're not talking salad now. Now we're talking crêpes because they are awesome and delicious and you should make them.

The Goods: We were a small team for lunch today, since a couple of our staff were over setting up for the Green Festival this weekend. Do you like things that don't hurt the environment? Do you like all-veg food? Do you like VN subscriptions for only 15 stinking bucks?! Then you should probably come say hi at our booth this weekend! The fun begins tomorrow, so don't be shy!

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