Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: Spanish rice, fresh pico de gallo, and a sort of improvised calabacitas with a potato medley, squash, and onions. Oh, and then there were the Daiya-dillas. Yes, we've been obsessed with Daiya since way back in March when we fell in love at Expo West, and have basically been putting it on everything possible. Today's incarnation was pretty straightforward, but in case you're wondering about the best way to get a room full of vegans excited, it's quesadillas. No question.

The Goods: Today we also enjoyed the company of VegWeb Webmistress Laura Beck, VN columnist Jesse Miner, and Jesse's cousin Jack, an awesome vegan who is going into his freshman year of high school in a couple weeks. Jesse and Jack have been eating their way through SF, with stops at Farm Sanctuary up in Orland, and, of course, Millennium and Maggie Mudd here in the city. Jesse was kind enough to bring us some lovely brownies, which we ravenously devoured. Um, kind of like every food item that comes into this office. We're just saying.


ElectricSunflower said...

Too funny - my hubby and I just had Daiya quesadillas for dinner this evening!! YUMMMMMM!!

AlohaPetunia said...

We did too! Today was the first day I found Daiya at my local Whole Foods. I came home, and immediately made a quesadilla! Yum, is right!!

Le Tige' said...

vous êtes toujours just saying...Oui oui

"What I do" said...

I'm coming back great food and service. Chef