Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vegan Chicken Parmigiana

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu
: Freaking vegan chicken parmigiana. Um, yes, maybe it seems initially unnecessary to say that what we ate was vegan because, as we're pretty sure you already know, we're a totally vegan office. But! Really, how often do we get to enjoy vegan chicken parm? We'll tell you how often: NEVER! Today's main dish was made with Gardein, which pretty freaking perfectly replicates chicken without that whole dead-animal thing, and Daiya, which melts. And stretches. And knocks our socks off and holy crap why isn't there more of this to eat? Oh yeah, and we had a salad, which, you know, was nice and all, but pretty much just took up room on the plate next to the main course.

The Goods: You want to know the world's worst-kept secret? Things are freaking great. There has literally never been a better, more delicious time to be vegan than right now, unless you count about four hours ago when we actually had this meal in front of us. Oh! And in case you're concerned about what to have for dessert after such a yummy lunch, we've got you covered. As many fistfulls of Dandies as you can possibly take, and the new Coconut Bliss Bars, which are highly delicious.


peter james said...

That looks freakin' delicious!!!
Why can't I think of cooking freakin' awesome, delicious dishes like that?
Oh, that's right, its because I am a civil engineer not a food engineer or a scientist or chemist.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh MAN! That sounds awesome.

Nicole M. Arciello Berhaupt said...

I agree that now is the best time to be vegan! Vegan marshmallows, vegan pizza, vegan chocolate, vegan cupcakes and freakin vegan chicken parm!

Anonymous said...

Daiya is soooo amazing. So far I've made pizza and lasagna, and cheesy potato enchiladas. I forced myself to ration it because I got a little bag of it from an out of state co-op, but it was tough! Can't wait to try the cheddar.

And BTW, I'm eating a Gardein sandwich right now (the shredded bbq kind) and it is delicious.

Vegans for the win!