Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PB&J with a Tossed Salad

The Chef: Joni

The Menu: Peanut butter and strawberry-raspberry jelly sandwich on flax seed bread, and a tossed salad with baby greens, red onion, green bell pepper, chickpeas, and teriyaki tofu, drizzled with Annie's Naturals' Vegan Goddess Dressing

The Goods: The three words that best describe this lunch are simple, quick, and delicious. What more could you ask for with a lunch that you prepare just 10 minutes before leaving the house in the morning? OK, I admit it—a PB&J and a tossed salad are not exciting, novel ideas, but Goddess dressing spruces up even the most boring of meals. According to the SF Gate, Goddess dressing was invented right here in San Francisco by chef Phillip Roemer in 1923, making it a local classic. Annie’s Naturals veganized it and now it is one my personal favorites. If it’s not your favorite, let us know by voting in the VegNews Veggie Awards, the world’s largest survey of vegan people, places, and products. Vote for your favorite vegan restaurant, cheese, chocolate, city, store, cookbook author, blog, website, and more! 

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