Thursday, August 18, 2011

Half Sandwich, Half Shawarma

The Chefs: Elizabeth and Herbivore

The Menu: Get ready. It's half of the grilled chicken sandwich and half of the shawarma. The sandwich is on perfectly fluffy bread, and has slices of tomato and pickle, and the shawarma is wrapped in lavash with tahini dressing, pickles, and potatoes. Plus, I had a side salad with a yummy Dijon mustard dressing.

The Goods: You know how sometimes there are really difficult decisions in life, such as trying to choose the perfect lunch option between these two stellar savory staples? At times like this, I'm even more thankful than usual to work with some of the finest minds in veganism—including Assistant Editor Anna Peraino, who went splitsies with me. When two friends both get to enjoy two delicious sandwiches, everybody wins. Do you know who'll win Veggie Awards this year? I do—it's the nominees who get the most votes, that's who! So don't leave your favorites hanging, vote already!

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