Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mean Gardein Bolognese and Salad

The Chef: Hilary

The Menu: Gardein beefless tips, whole-wheat gnocchi with mushroom-shallot tomato sauce, and a green salad with cucumbers and miso dressing. 

The Dish: Today I somehow resisted the almost-irrepressible urge to eat out (our office is surrounded on all sides by delicious vegan stuff) and went home for leftovers. Last night I decided to address the Gardein problem in the freezer that I share with my three roommates. Exhibit A:

Somehow, we've been accumulating Gardein Beefless Tips like crazy, and they're multiplying. Soon they would escape the freezer and start taking over the whole house, so I had to cook and eat some of them before things got out of hand. I decided to sauté them with some shallots and mushrooms, throw in some pasta sauce and cherry tomatoes, pour it on some whole-wheat gnocchi and call it a bolognese. It turned out to be a super-tasty savory extravaganza that I will only have to repeat approximately 12 times in order to use up all of the Beefless Tips. Gardein took home Product of the Year in last year's Veggie Awards. There is only one day left to decide who will be awarded this year, so vote now for your favorites! 

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