Monday, November 15, 2010

Soup and Spring Rolls

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: An impromptu lunch of tomato basil soup and two tofu spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.

The Goods: I did not have lunch planned today, but I did have an errand to run—I needed some dry red wine for a special dinner that I am making tonight. So I was off to Whole Foods, and I just figured I'd pick up something there. I landed at the sushi hub, and I picked up a delicious tofu spring roll, and even though I wanted more, my money had already run out. Luckily, I had a can of this flavorful tomato soup at my desk which completed my meal. Simple, yet satisfying. Thanksgiving is fast-approaching, and there's a great new feature over at about the wonderful animal known as the turkey, and where you can visit one (or two) at farm sanctuaries near you!

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Anonymous said...

Springrolls and soup, a nice combination.