Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Very Vegetable Curry

The Chef: Kristen

The Menu: Seasoned veggies and tofu marinated in a spicy, homemade curry sauce and served over fragrant jasmine rice comprised the majority of our hearty lunchtime feast. Kristen also whipped up a splendid, simple salad including halved cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and crisp mixed greens. Although not pictured, we also dined on Creamy Coconut Curry, courtesy of So-Yah! from House Foods.

The Goods: This savory, satisfying meal was exactly what we needed to perk up what was otherwise a quiet, rainy Tuesday morning. Luckily, the rain abated long enough for an al fresco lunch, which we happily took advantage of. Curious about why it's so quiet here at the VNHQ? It's because our publishers are still out of town, taking in all the sights and vegan delights of New York City. We'd be green with envy if we weren't already brimming with excitement over the possibility of soon receiving our May+June issue. Yes, we're just a little bit excited.

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