Thursday, April 15, 2010

Detox Soup, Daiya Biscuits

The Chef: Liz

The Menu: A delectable detoxifying soup. Liz created this hearty stew from our Coconut Red Lentil Curry recipe, courtesy of Alex Jamieson. Our bowls were brimming with flavorful, filling stew, and our plates boasted a lovely salad and some freshly made whole-wheat biscuits with Daiya. Cheesy vegan biscuits hot out of the oven? Yes, please!

The Goods: This soup was just what the doctor ordered to go with our abundant sunshine. Do we highly enjoy dining al fresco? Indeed we do. Do we enjoy it even more when our prayers for biscuits are answered? Why yes! Today's entry is a rarity here at Café VegNews, as there are recipes (linked!) for everything except the salad, which contained spinach, mixed greens, avocado, sliced mushrooms, and orange bell pepper. There you have it, recipes for everything! Enjoy!

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Anishinaabekwe said...

Simple but good meal I am sure!