Friday, January 8, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: A savory shepherd's pie, made with seasoned Match Meats, carrots, celery, and a colorful mashed potato topping. Alongside, the signature VN salad (aka mixed greens, red cabbage, and carrots) was delicious with its vegan Thousand Island dressing.

The Goods: It's Friday, and we are appropriately fried. Today's meal was definitely of the "inspired by what's left in the kitchen at the end of the week" variety, and Lyndsay rose nobly to the challenge. Next week, however, we'll be making recipes out of Alicia Silverstone's new book, The Kind Diet. Maybe you've seen the lovely lady gracing our current cover. If not, you might want to go ahead and check out our interview with her! Be sure to check back next week for our kind culinary adventures, and to win yourself a copy of the book, which we'll be giving away each day!

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