Friday, October 9, 2009

Fresh Tortilla Friday

The Chef: Abby

The Menu: Fresh, homemade tortillas. Yes, Abby actually busted out two different varieties of tortillas for us today, and they were both pretty much amazing. First, she made a whole-wheat garlic batch that we topped with homemade refried beans, salsa, and guacamole. Um, yum. Then, she made a super-fancy, saffron-infused sweet batch, which we completely doused with Emmy's Organics Raw Chocolate Sauce and Soyatoo's Whipped Rice Topping. Oh! And Abby made kale salad, aka the very best kind of salad.

The Goods: We have to say, things here are not good; they are effing great! It's Friday, we spent the majority of our lunch time trying to decide how best to eat the whipped cream and chocolate sauce (the clear winner: filling a spoon with whipped cream and drizzling it with sauce in a most ladylike manner), oh, and we had a little something we like to call homemade tortillas for lunch. Seriously, do days get much better than this? There are also lots of fun things going on this weekend, including Chicago Veganmania and the DC Green Festival, so make sure to check out Press Pass for full reports next week!

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Le Tige' said...

Oui, oui!! J'aime bien la salade chou et je fais la meilleure salade chou!!