Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mighty Good Miso

The Chef: Colleen

The Menu: An amazing Asian-food assembly! Ms. Colleen made some absolutely perfect miso soup with chunks of tofu, fresh broccolini, slivered carrots, and lacinato kale. The miso on its own would have made us so happy, but Colleen didn't stop there. She also busted out a yummy salad with a miso dressing and black sesame seeds. From one of our favorite local dumpling houses, Kingdom of Dumpling, we enjoyed freshly made scallion pancakes and soft, wonderful veggie dumplings.

The Goods: Today's lunch was a total treat! Maybe we say that every day, but, well, maybe it's true every day! It's pretty hard to argue with a delicious, vegan meal that's made on the spot. In addition to the fantastic food, we had the pleasure of sharing today's lunch with Tal Ronnen, who—in case there was any question—is awesome. Do we love guests? Yes. Do we love guests who come over and dazzle us with talk of veg restaurants around the globe even more? Yes!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, mi so hungy, That looks really good.