Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charlotte's Chili!

The Chef: Charlotte

The Menu: Chili, as you may have guessed. Charlotte brewed up a delicious batch of three-bean chili with corn and savory spices. The tomato base of this chili made it slightly sweet, which we all took as an invitation to pile on the Parma, which is what we do best. A lovely side salad with red cabbage, green bell peppers, and sliced cucumber added to the multicolor effect of a helping of chips.

The Goods: So, there are roughly 8,000 things going on at any give time here at the VNHQ, and today's no exception. Tonight is SF Vegan Drinks, tomorrow is Friday, this weekend is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, and next week we'll be launching the 2009 Veggie Awards Survey! Oof!


Le Tige" said...

Laying down the Parma, heavy, is what I do best!

WowMort said...

Wow, that chili looks amazing. Yum.