Thursday, November 6, 2008

Superb Starches

The Chef: Abby

The Menu: Maybe we've been going a little insane with the international combinations here at the VNHQ, and maybe that's just the way we like it. Today Abby busted out two lovely starchy dishes: onion-roasted home fries and sesame teriyaki noodles. We could smell the onions cooking well before lunch was served, which whetted our appetites. By adding carrots, tofu, and broccoli to a box of Simply Asia Sesame Teriyaki, Abby made sure that there was plenty of food for the horde of hungry coworkers, which worked out well since we devoured everything in no time flat. For a little greenery, a simple spinach salad with carrots and flaxseed dressing made a perfect vehicle for Parma—err, make that a perfect complement to the starch-based main courses.

The Goods: Today's abundant meal paired nicely with the abundant sunshine we enjoyed while dining al fresco. Sure, maybe it doesn't make sense per se to be getting tan at lunch since it's technically November now, but really, who are we to argue with just a little bit more vitamin D?

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