Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Curry and Couscous

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: A spicy combination of vegetable-packed green curry and tomato-sauce simmered couscous. Sound good? Oh, maybe that's because it was. Lyndsay put tons of fresh, delicious veggies in her curry, including broccoli, sweet potatoes, non-sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, spinach, and onions. If there's anything we like better than a big plate of vegetables, it's a big plate of vegetables that also has a great grain dish. The Israeli couscous with chickpeas, carrots, and a savory tomato sauce balanced out the spicy green curry.

The Goods: Oh, we don't know. Maybe a little something called Prop. 2 won in a landslide victory. Maybe we now have a president with whom the international community is excited to work. Maybe, after all the anticipation and excitement, we can get back to work! Well, at least get back to obsessing over, which sort of counts as work for us.

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