Friday, July 25, 2008

Extra-Special Friday Surprise

The Chef: Lisa

The Menu: You'll never guess. Oh wait—if you've been reading Café VegNews at all this month, you've likely already caught a glimpse of our amazing main course: the Veganize It! Mac 'n' Cheese. Yes, it really is good enough to make as often as we have recently. Ms. Lisa added a little extra crunch to her bread-crumb topping with the addition of panko, and whipped up an extremely garlicky Caesar salad to go alongside.

The Goods: It's not that we're obsessed with this mac 'n' cheese per se, it just so happens that we've made it a grand total of three times this month, which is probably the most we've ever made one dish in that amount of time. What can we say? It's super-freakin' good, and doesn't rely on vegan mac 'n' cheese standbys like faux cheese or nutritional yeast. You know what else is really great? Getting to visit with Lisa's man-friend over lunch, who's just as charming and Canadian as we expected he would be. Also, since we had a guest, we busted out the fancy dessert: Divine Chocolate After Dinner Mints. Um, yum. You may recognize them from our current issue's Best of Show Awards.

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