Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Advocacy that Delivers!

The Chef: SFVegan's Barna Mink

The Menu:
Slightly crisp, gooey, vegan pizza featuring homemade sour dough crust and tomato sauce, onions, olives, Follow Your Heart "mozzerella," Sheese Blue Style "cheese," and "chicken" chunks from Layonna Vegetarian Health Food Store —with a side of organic romaine and shredded zucchini salad.

The Goods:
We always love it when a good friend of VegNews stops by, but we're not accustomed to having one of these friends hand deliver their own homemade pizzas to us for lunch. Barna Mink, founder of the new vegan networking organization and AR commentary/San Francisco vegan-living-guide site SFVegan, is not only a software guru and an active animal advocate, he seriously knows his way around a kitchen. Sorry ladies and gents, he's already taken, but keep your eye out for him and fellow SFV members at venues around the city where he will be tabling with literature and delicious vegan food. For more information, visit Or see him for yourself below as our cheeky delivery boy:


Barna said...

Dear VegNews,

Thank you for having me over! It was fun, and the pictures turned out well. Anytime you have a craving for pizza, let me know :)


Karen Thomas said...

Oh my! That looks delicious.
Great to know about a new vegan group in SF. It's about time!

Anonymous said...

The pizza looks first rate - I am on a quest for perfect vegan pizza and this looks like it!

Elaine Vigneault said...

That looks so good. I don't even get pizza cravings very often, but you've sent me into a pizza craving insanity! Ahhh! Must. Have. Pizza. Now.

TravelingVeg said...

OMG. Yum. Glad I just my own vegan pizza the other night or I would be dying of envy. Wait. I still am. I want to have lunch with you guys every day!