Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comfort Chili

The Chefs: Jenny and Aurelia

The Menu: Hearty, healthy chili of pinto beans and textured vegetable protein that saved us all from the noontime doldrums. Ms. Jenny couldn't contain her Cuban self (not that we'd want her to!) and made a yummy, herbed yellow rice to complement the filling chili. Aurelia busted out a fresh salad of spinach, arugula, bell peppers, and peas with a light, lemony flax-oil dressing.

The Goods: Today's meal was definitely one made in the mode of, "Oh look. Here's what we have in the cupboard, so we'll make something with it." It's nice to know that no matter how bare the pantry seems, there's always a delicious option lurking in there somewhere, so long as you're open to being creative with combinations. A touch of Americana-style chili with a side of traditional Cuban rice? Why not?

1 comment:

Lily said...

oh I absolutly like the "what's in the fridge" meal :-)
looks delicious, makes me feel ungry :-P