Friday, June 6, 2008

California Wraps

The Chef: Colleen

The Menu: A warm, sunny San Francisco day calls for true California fare, so we celebrated with a warm whole-wheat tortilla smothered with housemade guacamole and topped with organic vegetables, pinto beans, and cured olives. Surprisingly satisfying, we all returned to our desks feeling healthy and nourished. Now if we could just control that sweet tooth ...

The Goods: As you know, we've been busy testing recipes all week for our first-ever Reader Recipe Showdown. Although the testing is complete, the fridge was teeming with leftover produce, providing the perfect provisions for a summer meal. Knowing San Francisco, however, we'll be back to our soups, curries, and stir-frys next week as the real summer weather kicks in! Here in SF, that means the mercury drops and the fog rolls in.

And because we love our readers, we currently have TWO very-fabulous giveaways going on. The first is right here on Café VegNews and ends today. Simply tell us what your ideal post-fast meal would be (if you've ever done a cleanse, you know you do nothing but obsess about food). On Press Pass, we're giving away a very-heavy, very-filled Farm Sanctuary Gala goodie bag, complete with a Matt & Nat silver tote, a white-chocolate-covered pretzel from VeganTreats, energy bars, vegan cookies, doggie treats, Beverly Lynn Bennett's latest cookbook, a soy candle, body creme, and much more. Just let us know why you want it, and you may win it! Have a great weekend, everyone, and we'll see you on Monday—same time, same place.


VeggieGirl said...

Delicious wrap!!

I would NEVER do a fast, but if I did, I'd have THIS pasta dish (scroll down to 7th & 8th pictures in post):

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

That looks so good ... I love guacamole!