Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reader Recipe Testing! Day Two

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: The Magical Mystery Tour (around the plate) continues! We're still not spilling the beans about the contenders in our Reader Recipe Showdown, but today we have a little something extra: salad! This very complex, highly sophistocated recipe was created by our very own Elizabeth, who used two—count 'em, two!—kinds of home-grown lettuce with kalamata olives and avocado to make today's refreshing side dish. We're staying mum on the other two items, which actually were pretty in-depth, but you might be able to identify the phyllo dough on one of them.

The Goods: Since we're not telling you too much about what we're eating this week, how's about a turn of the tables? Tell us what you're eating! Do you have a favorite use for phyllo dough? Would you have put kalamata olives in the salad or stuck with regular black ones? And, of course don't forget to tell us about your first-meal-after-a-cleanse fantasy menu!


VeggieGirl said...

Another great-looking reader recipe!!

Sarah said...

Well Ill tell you folks what Ive been craving all week. PAD THAI! Every time I decide tonights the night, I find out the place I go is closed or my parents have scheduled me for family dinners and parties. Dear lord! I'll be going HOPEFULLY Thursday, since tomorrow is my sister's birthday (cant skip that). But man they make the best vegan pad thai, tofu is perfectly fried!