Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Soup + Salad

The Chef: Colleen

The Menu: A simple meal of carbonada soup (a regular fixture this week with a twist—today we loaded it up with organic Swiss chard) and a huge salad with greens, orange and yellow bell pepper, avocado, olives, and red onion tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, and black pepper. Okay, there was also dessert, a recipe which will be featured in our September+October food issue. Imagine a sweet potato spice cake smothered in vanilla buttercreme icing and topped with toasted coconut and pecans. Soooooo good.

The Goods: With a full week of California sunshine, the cool temps kicked in today, making us crave a warm, comforting lunch. Although our recipe testing is complete, we still had a large bowl of carbonada in the fridge, so we doctored it up and gave it new life for today's meal. Most of our team is out of the office today either on deadline working from home or on some fabulous weekend adventure, so we enjoyed an intimate gathering with our Friday crew.

And guess what, folks? Our Press Pass giveaway, featuring an overstuffed goodie bag from the Farm Sanctuary NYC gala, ends Sunday. That means you have just two days to let us know why you want this bag (is there anyone who wouldn't want it?!?). The winner will be announced on Monday, only on Press Pass.

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